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Hatred In many works of literature, the behavior of a character of group of characters is motivated by emotion, for example love, hate, fear, and jealously. In the play by Euripides, Medea, Medea is controlled by her hatred for Jason. This hatred is the intense hostility and aversion derived from anger. Medea's tragic flaws, by which she is brought down, is hate. Medea's hatred motivates behavior that causes her to lose her humanity, destroying the other characters and dominating the whole play.

Medea's hatred stems from Jason betraying his own children and Medea by leaving her and marrying Kind Creon's daughter. Medea is so filled with hatred that she feels she must get revenge on Jason, by plotting to kill his new and beloved wife. The way Medea decides to do this is by putting some kind of acid on a golden dress for her s a gift.

When the princess puts on this dress, her skin starts to melt; King Creon, not thinking twice, jumps to save her life. Instead of saving her life, their skin melted together, and that cost both to lose their lives. Medea was so filled with hate that she enjoyed hearing about their death.

Furthermore, Medea thought she had not got enough revenge on Jason. She hates Jason so much that she is plotting to kill her own children. Medea wants Jason to have nothing else that he can love anymore. Medea stills loves her children, but she hates Jason even more. Therefore, she takes her children into her house and kills them herself. Her hatred is so powerful that she kills her children mercilessly.

Finally, when Jason came to kill her for the death of his new beloved wife, Medea was still there. She is so full of evil that...