Medical And Genetic Issues

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Medical and Genetic Issues I believe in nearly all of the medical issues you must put yourself in the affected persons situation. If you say we must deny elderly a certain type of health care because they have less of a life, you must think of yourself as an elder and decide whether or not you would like to live.

The ostensible reason for this is that older patients do not have the kind of constitution that would allow them to survive and flourish under a regimen of lifetime dialysis. (Volti, 111) This statement seems as though older citizens should be neglected. If I was of the age where I could be cut off from dialysis as the statement is referring to, I would be very upset in the fact of my life being valued at less than others. If my grandmother was savagely denied dialysis she would have died well before I ever got to meet her.

And without her ever being in my life I would be much less of a person. I would have missed out on so much. For reasons like this we must discriminate medical care by age, we also must put ourselves in the situation and think whether we would think the procedure would be necessary and reasonable for society.

In Weinberg's article I found his last to sentences accurate.

We need to craft an ethic that cherishes our human ability to transcend biology, that enriches our spontaneity, unpredictability, and individual uniqueness. At the moment, I find myself and those around me ill equipped to respond to the challenge. (Teich, 223) I believe even if we have these incredible technologies we must be very wary where they are used and in what hands they are placed. Weinberg is a biologist who is...