Medieval Torture

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Esther Millard Mrs. Huey AP English September 14, 2001 Bacon, Francis. "Of Love." Literature: A Collection of Essays. 4th ed. Ed.

Robert DiYanni. Boston: McGraw-Hill, 1998. 1819-1820.

Précis Love is most beneficial to plays and literature, for when love is brought into people's lives, it causes pain and destruction. Practically every great man to walk the earth has avoided worldly love and lust. However, in a few cases great men have been able to love only because they keep their heart well guarded. It is therefore nearly impossible to fall in love and to remain intelligent. In order to love, one must have an "inward and secret contempt." Those who love too much loose both their fortune and their intelligence. When in love, men act the same as if they consume too much alcohol. A man can reach near perfection if he can both love only a few women and remain wise and full of wisdom.

It is when love consumes a man soul that he loses control of his mind. With that great loss, his wisdom vanishes.

Meaning Francis Bacon proposes the idea that there is no possible way for a man to remain intelligent when in love. This theme is portrayed through a series of references to both mythology and men of his time period and those periods that came before. Helen of Troy and Marcus Antonius leave equal impacts on the thoughts of readers as they make their way through the essay. By making references to these commonly known people and ideas, Bacon is able to convey the meaning of his essay. Along with these references, Francis Bacon's diction makes a heavy impression upon the reader's mind. By sorting through the essay for the most important ideas, the reader is able to separate the most...