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Chapter 19

My name is Kati

I am Kati.I was born in Budapest.It's the capital of Hungary.Although I don't learn lots about its history,I know it's a calamitous country.Since I was a little girl,I have been the center of everyone's attention.Parents love me.They give me everything as much as they can.I inherit light brown hair from Father and blue eyes from Mother.We are happy family.

My father told me about "doppelganger" when we took a walk along the Danube one afternoon.He told me with serious attitude,but in fact,I have known this for a long time.I often see two fathers nearby.Their clothes are always different.It's easy to distinguish them.Several times later,I never get confused.

Then,I saw another Kati one day. She looks like me very very mich,just like reflection in the mirror. She felt interesting about another"me",too,laughing and laughing.

After that day we often play together. In that dangerous moment,if I didn't remind her that the man standing in front of the entrance of the bar is not her father(actually, that's my father),maybe she and her mother have been hilled in the gas explosion.

Yes. I am Kati Tailor's doppelganger. I am Kati Szabo. I ever asked my father many questions,like there is a family like our's,why?Why do things go on with a circle?My father couldn't explain lots of my questions. He only told me that his life was full of pain when losing Mother and I.So he would try his best to stop the tragedy. So did Mother and I.We all love the Tailors' family. We never show up since last time,but they all know our exits. They thanked us to save their lives,and brought flowers to our graves. I experienced lots of things,but I never...