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Metamorphosis Plot: Gregor Samsa gets up one morning to go to work and he finds out that he has certain physical features of an insect. Literary buffs argue that this creature is more like a beetle. His parents are in a considerable amount of financial debt. His parents are dependant on Gregor's job in order to pay this debt off. Gregor is a very timid character who does not enjoy conflict. He is not feeling up to par so he skips out on work. Day by day he turns into this hideous creature who is kept in the isolation of his own room. He starts to gain insect-like characteristics like the love of garbage as food. One time his father attacks him and attempts to crush Gregor. Eventually our exoskeleton-bearing friend departs from this life.

Characters: The novel consists of Gregor Samsa, his sister Grete, Mr. And Mrs. Samsa, and Gregor's boss.

Themes: The underlying theme in this novel is the fact that humans cannot survive without the accompaniment of others. Kafka attempts to explain this point through the character of Gregor. He uses symbolism of Gregor turning into an insect and isolating himself to explain his point. Just as humans cannot survive without human contact Gregor eventually dies.

Quotable Quote: (after Gregor's death) "Well," said Mr. Samsa, "now we can thank God!" "Gregor's body was completely flat and dry; this was obvious now for the first time, really, since the body was no longer raised up by his little legs and nothing else distracted the eye."