The Metamorphosis

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" The Metamorphosis " In the story " The Metamorphosis ", by Franz Kafka, Gregor Samsa wakes up one morning to find he has been transformed into a huge bug. With this realization he is shocked and horrified and hopes his family will understand. When they see him though they reject him immediately, locking him in his room and giving him hardly no attention. With this Franz Kafka is showing us how cruel our society can be.

This is how our society handles and treats people of the unordinary.

We view people on how they look instead of their personality or what they have to say. Right away when the family saw Gregor and his new body they were terrified and got as far away from him as they could. For he didn't look normal and because of that they disregarded him from their family and their lives.

When Gregor was made into a bug his abilities to perform many tasks became limited.

The family had depended on him to provide for them and once he became useless to them they acted like he didn't exist. For he couldn't do any work and couldn't be of any assistance to them, so they thought of him as worthless. They just saw his as a nuisance and not as a true human being, when he still had feelings. This is showing that our society not only judges by looks but by what you can and can't do. When someone around us becomes of no use we just toss them aside and treat them as a little bug that's in our way.

I agree with the author's idea of how our society treats people different from us. From the book you read about how Gregor's family immediately backs away from him, the...