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Essay by BWMP July 2004

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To accomplish anything in the workplace, coworkers must work as a team. Working in a team requires many different ingredients. I have observed and been a part of many different effective and non-effective ways to make my team at my job work. In this paper, I will show what I see at work and what essential elements play a factor. I have noticed in every place I have worked that teamwork is an essential part of a functioning company. A Company in essence is a team and must work as one because no one person can accomplish and coordinate everything. Many individuals make up a team. All teamwork is not done collectively in-groups but, can be done as separate tasks for individuals. That is why supervisors and leaders are needed. They coordinate efforts and help a group gain spirit, cooperation, and motivation to turn it into a team. The problem my fellow coworkers and I have is the challenge to operate a company in a functional manner.

We have approximately 200 people in our organization and I work in the marketing department where we calibrate together. Some of the reasons this may be challenging at times are large work orders, incorrectly following procedures, and depending on other people to do their job. All employees including myself need to determine what the most productive manner of operation is. On heavier load days, we can all pitch together and have meetings in an effort to motivate people to work harder. We can make sure that all procedures are properly followed which will make it safer and easier for all to work. Everyone can be made aware of how they act and try to make the workplace a more enjoyable environment. There are many different ways and types of people that help...