Workplace Observations

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Workplace Observation Paper

Peggy L. Barnett

University of Phoenix



Joseph Imperiale

January 29, 2004

Workplace Observation Paper


A great challenge for many company employees is to gain support from top management. The lack of support by top management is not a smart business position if one is the significant link between performance management and superior business results. We will attempt to address several business issues and problems as created by the hypothetical organization.

Our organizational structure is built around the premise of having self-directed or self-managed work teams. These work teams will be small groups of people empowered to manage themselves and their work on a day-to-day basis. Everyone on this learning team has been part of a self-managed team and can speak of the success that can be achieved if everyone is on the same team page.


I believe that organizational communication happens within a particular social system; that is composed of interdependent groups attempting to achieve commonly recognized goals.

The basis for organizational communication is the organizational structure. An organization's success depends on the effectiveness of its people in working together, supporting common goals and understanding critical issues.

I work for an insurance company that manages in the traditional hierarchy management style. So much emphasis is placed on salary grades, titles, and position that it is not a good place to work if you are low on the salary grade list. In fact, upper management encourages this type of behavior so that there is constant friction in the lower ranks of employees.

There have been many occasions wherein I have had staff members come to me upset because one of the insurance adjusters or someone in upper management has belittled or talked to that person in a...