Mgt/350 Critical Thinking Application Paper

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Critical Thinking Application Paper

University of Phoenix

MGT/350 - Critical Thinking: Strategies in Decision Making

September 9, 2008


Critical Thinking Application

The need to breathe, eat, and mate are functions which operate without conscious thought. All creatures in the universe can think, albeit, unconsciously. Humans or animals do not think about how the next breath will be taken, how the next meal will be digested, or where the desire to mate originates. What sets humans apart from animals is the ability to apply emotion to the thinking process. Unlike animals, humans have a thinking process and have an opportunity to use critical thinking every day. This paper will provide an example from this writer's personal experience in which critical thinking was applied, and describe the importance and benefits of critical thinking in the decision-making process.

Personal Experience

A personal experience in which critical thinking was applied was when this writer decided to enroll at the University of Phoenix to complete a Bachelors degree in business administration. In April of 2008, while searching the internet for information about work from home opportunities, advertisements for institutions that offer online degrees repeatedly appeared. Contemplation of completing the education that had been put on hold for 16 years began. Three steps were used to make the decision to return to school: (a) identify the problem, (b) analyze the situation, and (c) make the decision.

Identify the Problem

Two main problems of returning to school were would it be possible to devote attention to both family and school, and increasing the financial burden on the family. As a fulltime homemaker who enjoyed being home with a toddler and readily available for two older children who attend elementary school; the first...