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Organizational Behavioral Trends


Organizations undergo a variety of behavioral trends. These trends influence the attitude of the organization as a whole. Two key forces, which affect any organization, are decisions made by management and the vast improvement of technology. Management implements policies and procedures and make decisions that affect the entire organization. All entrust that any decisions made should be ethical standpoints that align with the company goals. If an individual makes poor decisions, the outcome of those decisions can have a major impact on the perception of that individual in the end. Over time, technology has affected each employee in both positive and negative aspects. Enhanced communication through technology can be a double-edged sword.

Organizational Decision-Making

"Decision making is the process of choosing a course of action for dealing with a problem or opportunity." (Schermerhorn, et. al., 2003, p. 2.) In any organization, people make decisions more often than not.

Even the smallest decisions can have an impact on the organization as a whole. Although most people feel they make decisions based upon ethical grounds, sometimes those decisions are not in alignment with the company's vision, nor are they ethical, moral, or even sometimes legal. Through the process of trial and error is when the best learning experiences come about for any individual.

When making a decision to act, one must ask him or herself if he or she wishes to have the decision and action broadcasted on the front page of the newspaper. Another thought one should ponder is how others would react to the decision that he or she made. Would others approve of this decision? Would the decision benefit the organization or would it benefit the individual who made the decision? How would family members react to this decision? One should always think the process...