Of Mice and Men

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Of Mice and Men

Task: Write an essay of 650 - 850 words answering the following question:

In his novel of "Of Mice and Men", John Steinbeck takes special care to engage the reader in the plot by using carefully considered narrative techniques. What are these techniques and do you think they are successful?

The importance of Friendship/companionship

The theme of Friendship/companionship is of great significance explored in John Steinbeck's award winning "Of Mice and Men". In this novel, Steinbeck's uses several different features that support this theme. Steinbeck primarily focused on the use of characterisation and the techniques such as disappearing narrative voices, imagery, and symbolism are used to develop the theme of friendship /companionship and engage the reader in the novella. These techniques are emphasised in the two main characters - George and Lennie who seeks to achieve their 'American Dream'.

Steinbeck uses the technique of characterisation to highlight the importance of friendship. Using the relationship between the two characters: George and Lennie, Steinbeck was able to emphasize the significance of friendship using colloquial language as well as the dialogues. Steinbeck's careful use of writing techniques manages to capture the reliance the characters have on each other. The reader can evident this in the final section of the book where George is comforting Lennie just before his death. George says that: "I want you to stay with me here." (Pg. 102). This statement from George shows that still cares for Lennie despite the trouble Lennie had been through. This relationship was rare in those times of depression, since man would come and go from job to job, seeking for their own benefit and their opportunity to achieve their American dream.

The technique of characterisation was also...