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Of Mice and Men "" Theme Analysis Of Mice and Men The novel written by John Stienbeck was based on the quote of a Scottish poet by the name of Robert Burns who said "The best laid schemes of mice and men gang aft aglay." Translated into modern English this quote means "The best schemes of mice and men often go wrong." John Stienbeck uses this quote for the name of his book and also as an underlying theme and constant foreshadower to the plot of his book.

George and Lennie depict mice and men, although they do not have the characteristics of one but share characteristics of both. Lennie has the mind of a small child yet he is a monster of a man. George on the other hand is a smaller man yet is very smart. John Stienbeck describes George as "small and dark." The theme of the novel Of Mice and Men is one of shattered dreams and unfulfilled hope.

George and Lennie are used by John Stienbeck as a symbol of the American Dream, in fact all of the characters in the book Of Mice and Men are used to symbolize the American Dream. Every developed character in the book and even some undeveloped characters (i.e. Curly's wife) all want to change something about them or their current situation. Some examples are George and Lennie, they have a dream of someday owning their own farm. George just wants somewhere to belong as almost all of the characters in the book do. (i.e. Candy, Crooks, Curly's wife.) Lennie, being mentally disabled, focuses on the rabbits that Ggeorge has promised him and how he will tend them.

Another big part of the theme of the book Of Mice and Men is the relationship of George and...