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Very few characters inhabit the world of "Of Mice and Men". John Steinbeck's 1937 novel is centered on two wandering ranch hands, Lennie and George and their struggle to realize the modest dream of owning a home. The movie of "Of Mice and Men" was directed by Gary Sinise with Gary Sinise as George Milton and John Malkovich as Lennie. Produced by the MGM Home Entertainment, the film runs for 110 minutes.

The film's adaptation of John Steinbeck's "Of Mice and Men" opens with scenes of a woman in a red dress, running through fields trying to escape from some undefined terror. Her flight frames the movie, as though she was running, headlong, into the nameless dread of the future. As it turns out, the woman was in fact running from Lennie, and Lennie and George were running from her protectors. In the novel, we do not become aware of exactly what happened to cause her fear until chapter three, when George was speaking with Slim, the skinner.

Difference within sequence of scenes such as this helps readers to develop a better understanding of things that happened in the storyline. George is "small and quick, dark of face, with restless eyes and sharp, strong features". He is a reasonably intelligent, hard working ranchman. Lennie on the other hand always manages to find trouble. He's the opposite to George "a huge man, shapeless of face, with large, pale eyes, with wide, sloping shoulders". Gary Sinise found the correct person, John Malkovich to cast as Lennie. Lennie was equally as hardworking and honest as George but troubles always finds him wherever he went.

In the novel Lennie is compared to animals such as a bear and horse, "drank with long gulps, snorting into the water like a horse". In the...