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Micheal Jordan - Biography What life could have had an impact on society changing sports forever. This young man with dreams courage and inspiration. Michael Jeffery Jordan the gladiator of this 20th century. Parenting and family told him what he needed to hear and ran away with his fathers moving words. Michael's childhood, college days, Jordan's first 6 championships and the leader he is today molded every NBA player and how the game should be played. As hard as it might be for his opponents to believe, Michael Jordan was not born with a basketball in his hand. In fact, he nearly wasn't born at all. Between working and raising three children, Deloris Jordan, five months pregnant in the fall of 1962, was already under considerable strain. Then, her mother died unexpectedly. Fearing a miscarriage, the family doctor ordered her to stay in bed for a week. ``The near miscarriage was very bad, `` James recalled.

``When Michael was born, we thought there might be something wrong with him, he was born with a nosebleed. The hospital kept him three days after Deloris was discharged. He'd have nosebleeds for no reason until he was 5, and then they just stopped. `` I say personally that the reason he had nosebleeds when he was born was to eliminate the hazard of it happing again when he flies through the air for a dunk. But now all of a sudden Michael Jordan is born and an NBA legacy has begun. It all starts with his childhood.

Michael Jordan's birth inspired many ghetto youths of America to stay fit, stay out of trouble and play basketball. ``I always said that Michael's birth was like a sign. I lost my mother unexpectedly while carrying Michael, and he was my godsend. Michael was the happiness...