"Microsoft Corp.'s Pricing Policies"

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Executive Summary

This case study focused on the Microsoft Corporation and charges made by their competitors, the Federal Trade Commission, and the Department of Justice of antitrust violations and a monopoly of the computer operating systems and applications software, software development tools (e.g., programming language software), and hardware peripherals (e.g., Microsoft Mouse) that Microsoft specializes in. It focused on numerous issues that would lead one to believe that Microsoft was in fact monopolizing the entire industry they were in. .

In order to adequately discuss and analyze the issues of this case, I have broken this paper up into four separate sections.

Section 1 - Key Terms & Concepts: Description of the key terms & concepts that pertain to this case

Section 2 - The Case Against Microsoft: Identify the facts and information that support my case against Microsoft

Section 3 - The Defense of Microsoft: Identify certain facts and information that support a defense of Microsoft

Section 4 - Discussion: What I have learned from the case

After reading this case study, I went back to the email that I received from you and went over the questions that you suggested we consider.

The first question was: If you were the DOJ how would you build a case against Microsoft or a dominant leader? I will attempt to do this in Section 2 - The Case Against Microsoft. The second question was: If you were Microsoft how might you defend yourself against DOJ claims? I will cover this in Section 3 - The Defense of Microsoft. I will attempt to show why it was very necessary for the DOJ to bring a case of monopoly and antitrust violations against Microsoft. In doing this, I will attempt to put myself into Microsoft's shoes and defend their claims that they have...