How Minor Characters Advance the Plot

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Minor Characters such as Loretta Bird and Mrs. Peebles in the story "How I Met My Husband" may seem to have insignificant parts; but actually play important roles that advance the plot of the story. We see in the beginning that Mrs. Peebles is Edie's employer. This shows us how important it was for Edie not to get caught wearing Mrs. Peebles clothing. This is how Edie and Chris Watters meet in the first place; he seeing her in Mrs. Peebles clothes and telling her how beautiful she looked and she going to him later so that he wouldn't mention to anyone that she was wearing her employer's clothing. By the author introducing Mrs. Peebles to us she also introduced her wardrobe.

Mrs. Peebles is somewhat a mysterious character, in a sense that we do not know what her outlook on Edie is. In one scene she appears against Edie and sharp towards her about taking a cake to Chris Watters when they did not have one already made.

This causes the story to advance and the plot to thicken as the other characters realize Edie baked a cake just for Chris Watters; were as we see Loretta Bird showing her conflicting character by implying that Edie was intimate with Chris Watters. This caused much name calling and rudeness towards Edie making us feel pity towards her. Then in the same scene we see Mrs. Peebles coming to Edie's defense. Without Mrs. Peebles minor character intervening and standing up for Edie the truth may have not have been brought out. Another scene in the story that may not seem of nothing to speak of is where Mrs. Peebles mentioned to Alice Kelling that they go for a ride for the day. This is minor...