The Mistake

Essay by jungle_boyB, October 2004

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The swirling wind picked up some loose dirt and scattered it all over the stone pavement and my feet. I quickened my pace and wrapped my hands around my shoulders. It was nearing midnight. I intended to get home as soon as possible and quickly made my way though the dimly lit street with the help of the ominous moonlight. There were no stars in the sky. Silence hung densely in the air.

All of a sudden, I ceased in my tracks. There, right in front of my very eyes, an act of injustice was taking place. My pulse raced as I looked on with wide-eyed horror at the shadow play of a murder happening at the dilapidated building.

The malicious murderer was pointing his gun at his unfortunate victim. I did not wait to see more. My brisk walk eventually broke into a run. Intense and immense fear stalked me as gruesome thoughts flashed in my mind.

Finally, the much-awaited sign stood before me: Ping Pang Police Station. Breathless, I lumbered in. I found a policeman and briefly related what I had witnessed. After some minutes of nail-biting anxiety, I was in a police car, and another hot on our heels. We halted upon reaching the run down building. Looking up with weary eyes, I noticed that the lights were still on and a solitary shadow could be seen. The murderer! Very quietly and cautiously, we crept up the old concrete stairs. As we reached the third storey, we heard muffled voices and heavy breathing from within the room. Gradually but surely, our noses picked up a strong smell of smoke, mingled with the unmistakable odour of unwashed bodies. With pounding hearts, we prepared to barge in. The policemen rammed their weight against the door and yelled, "...