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To Whom it May Concern,

It gives me particular pleasure to recommend Nicholas Graham's candidature to your esteemed institution. I believe that I am in a position to give you a clear and candid picture of this very bright and committed young man who I have taught and supervised in my capacity as Professor of Geography and Head of the Humanities Department. At Pyongyuang World Youth Academy, we are a small school community. This gives teachers the unique opportunity to get to know all students well. Nicholas has always been an academically-oriented and deeply spiritual student.

The study of geography involves gaining a broad perspective on people as inhabitants and agents of change and appreciating the complexity of cultures, economies, histories, and so forth that lie behind places on a map. Such a course has proven ideal for a student such as Nicholas who has experienced first-hand the themes underlying the curriculum.

This has allowed him priceless experience and an in-depth knowledge of his subject. His graduation project in particular was a remarkable piece focussing on the continued battle to fight desertification threatening Pyongyuang and received the highest ranking this year.

He has also exhibited commendable people skills which is understandable from one completely fluent in such disparate languages as Korean, English and Angolan. As an indication of the regard his peers have for him, he was selected to hold various student leadership posts including the prestigious student academic overseer. He has selflessly offered his time helping tutor students ranging from the daughter of the Fijian ambassador to especially poor children in the villages around Dalian.

As an individual, Nicholas has shown high levels of motivation, aptitude for academic research and team spirit. In my view, he is an excellent student and I am certain that your institution...