Modern American Heroes

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MODERN AMERICAN HEROES Heroes are someone everyone admires and looks up to. Morals, values, and personal beliefs all play a very important role in choosing a hero. Traits and actions that you label commendable are what you look for a person when choosing a hero. America, being as popular as it is should have heroes that are not only acknowledged in the United States, but all over the world so that we can be an example for other countries. For example, Billy Graham is one of America's heroes. He has been to one hundred , eighty-five thousand countries and territories spreading the gospel and leading people to God. He has also fed millions of starving people all over the world. This man will probably continue to be an American hero until he dies. Another example of an American hero is Hilary Clinton. She has not only been a role model to every wife for "standing by her man"�, but she has also made something of herself.

She has had more than an opportunity to become nothing, but she kept on going in hopes of success. Success is just what she did. Now Hilary is the senator of New York, and is currently working hard to give American citizens what they deserve. The next example of a hero is not directly connected to the United States, but linked by the American people. Mother Theresa's home is Rome, Italy. She does most of her work in the Middle East and Asian countries, but her good works are strongly supported by the American people. Generous American's devote many hard earned dollars and time to Mother Theresa's cause to heal the sick, feed the hungry, and lead the lost. The morals and values of today's society are steadily depreciating, and...