A Modest Proposal

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The Solution to Violence: The Best Possible Solution to a Future Plague of Violence in the Modern World Violence, bombs, hatred, and war, things we all dread and deal with every day. Millions of people die every year as a result of some type of hate crime or an act of war. This is devastating our world, as we know it. At this rate the total deaths of hate related crimes over twenty years will match the world's current population. It is common to see molotov cocktails being thrown from one church in to a synagogue or from one man's house to another's. Everything in this world is full of hatred and waiting for something to release their enormous amounts of built up rage upon. All this savagery must be stopped before it is able to eradicate this world and kill every living thing on it, in an enormous inferno of antipathy and makeshift incendiary bombs. This problem is trivial; anyone can realize that in this world life means nothing in our never-ending rat race. Death and destruction mean nothing, but every problem, no matter how trivial, has a solution.

"What can we do?" one may ask. Simply, do the obvious. This foolproof plan is divided in to two partitions, one for small countries and one for large countries. These two divisions are made to make this strategy as efficient as possible. First begin carpet bombing in the smaller countries, until all of the worlds bombs of all kinds are used. The planes will begin dropping anything and everything that may do damage. The surpluses of bombs, missiles, land mines, C4, propane tanks, and even leftover fireworks, will be dropped out of planes, until nothing volatile is left. Then the second step will be put into action. Every nuclear bomb left enact, along with all chemical and biological war agents, will unleash their fury on the already devastated earth. This is the second step in this perfect plan because if these nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons, had already been released the pilots would have to wait days and even weeks for the air to clear in order to sight targets. This time would be wasted and would allow the citizens to recuperate and warn others. After this, all the pilots and crew of the bombers will plummet to the earth in a huge holocaust of flame and death. This will leave no one alive.

This scheme has many benefits. The first and foremost is the purpose of this proposal, world peace. All living things are no longer living. There is no hatred. This leads to the end of all fight, feuds, brawls, and battles. If everyone is deceased, there is no one left to fight. Secondly, if anyone were to survive, there would be no weapons of mass destruction left to fight with. Thirdly, the world's people will no longer have any worries over money, after it was all vaporized in the atomic blasts. The economy will boom, with no one to mess anything up. Fourthly, once the mushroom clouds settle the world will never again use fossil fuels. This will leave the earth in a more natural state with no worries about pollution. Lastly, many other perplexing issues will be finally solved. Evolution or God's creation? Everyone finds out quickly after the plan is through. The world's concerns over divorce will also be settled. The " "¦ till death do us part"¦" will be fulfilled. This shows that this prosposal has many benefits and is a very logical choice.

One may ask, " Are there any more practical solutions?" Yes, there are many, such as; forming a world alliance. If everyone came together, put their differences aside, and formed an alliance. The world would form an organization much like NATO, but containing many more countries, we could finally see peace. The world could also begin to end the production of military weapons and other violent tools. While, disarming those that are already made. If the world was to follow one or both of these plans then we may one day in the near future, see world peace.

These proposals have been thought through time and time again. They are foolproof and obvious solutions to the current threats of war and terrorism. My life will not be changed in anyway. By the time this program is put into action my family will be living in a sub-terrainian, self-contained bomb shelter in the an unaffected portion of Antarctica. One can see that there is no bias in this plan, and it is a peaceful substitution for war.

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