Morality In Homosexuality

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Sexual behavior in today society has become more diverse than ever before. The simple act of waking each day, taking a look at the surrounding world and observing everybody's own unique style of living is something that we might not have been able to do not too long ago. A revolution of sorts has spread across world and has been growing ever so slightly since as long as we can remember. This revolution slowly has crept up on today's culture, creating debate and arguments regarding the morality of actions taken. This revolution has stirred up controversy everywhere it has been discussed and has become the focus topic of many discussions concerning morality. This revolution that I speak of, is none other that the issue of homosexuality.

Homosexuality has long been a part of culture, but it has not been until recently that it has become such a heated topic of debate.

One particular issue that comes up in the conversation of morality and homosexuality is that of personal desire. Gays and lesbians obviously have a sexual drive that is unique to themselves and to have sexual urges towards certain individuals is perfectly normal. However, it is various government officials, church groups and such that try to place restrictions on who can love who, and who can have relationships with who. Whether it be a man and a man, or a woman and a woman, sexual relationships are something special. If two people want to have sexual relations, they should. No longer should they have to worry about who is going to say what to them. No longer should they have to worry about being equal before God. And no longer should they worry about the morality that always seems to come along with the already difficult lifestyle they choose to...