Mother Teresa a life of love by Elaine Murray Stone

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This strong and independent woman was born Gonxha (Agnes) Bojaxhiu in Skopje, Yugoslavia, on August 27, 1910. When mother Teresa was still little in her early years she always wanted to help others. When she turned 18 she had heard of a mission. So she packed her things and went to India to help doing what she always wanted to do since 12. Mother Teresa was going to teach high up in the mountain were their was low pollution and great fresh air for the wealthy to breath. Since no one could speak her language she had to learn English very very quick. So mother Teresa was a teacher their. And a on point she had even became the principle. But Mother Teresa was not satisfied with just teaching the wealthy. Mother Teresa asked to go to the poor part of India and teach the good lord name. The Vatican said it would take 10 years to open new houses and things like that.

So mother Teresa rule was what the poor have we have and what they do not have we do not have. But the 10 sisters mother Teresa took with her had to have nourishment so the can help the poor and the sick. So they wore cheap white cotton with blue lining. Mother Teresa and her 10 nuns were so sad to see how the poor of India was they were laying in their of filth it crushed mother Teresa heart. Mother Teresa and her nuns help clean the wounds and sores of the sick and poor. Some how amazingly she would always find of get a bigger place to help put the poor in. 20000 a year by India to help the poor. One day a rich man very wealthy was touch by mother Teresa and offered his mansion to help the poor all Mother Teresa had to do was just pay him the money needed. At one point the lepers came to Mother Teresa. The lepers were even despised my the sick the even were cut off by the population having to live in their on villages. Lepers were very sick a leper is a person who is very disfigured and finger and body part fall off of them but mother Teresa didn’t care for that. She new that if u stayed around lepers to much you would catch leprosy but Mother Teresa and her nuns were trained very well not to get sick. As word spread of Mother Teresa more nuns and women came to help. Mother Teresa would put them in a test she would take the to the poorest of the poor and see how the sisters and women would act id the were heart stricken they would join but if they were discussed the would leave. As more and more people heard of mother Teresa the news and politics began to follow her. She was soon now through out the whole world .Mother Teresa was beginning to win prize after prize but not caring for the fame of the honors of being noted she just want to get the prize money so she can open new building for then poor. India rewarded mother Teresa with free flight were ever she went others air plane companies started to go the same. When mother Teresa flew she always flew in couch the lowest of the classes but some times mother Teresa had to fly first class because all the other seats were taken. When Mother Teresa flew people would come up to her to ask for her auto graphs. And when they did she would bless every single one of them. One lady thanked Mother Teresa for blessing her just because she is her. Mother Teresa had won the most prestige prize ever she had won the noble peace prize with a cash reward of 190000 prize money. Winning all this money went straight to her building for the poor and sick. One day a news reported ask mother Teresa does she ever worry about the money and she replies no god always makes a way for the money. Mother Teresa getting to her old age this tiny bust strong hearted woman had a heart attack. People ever where were scared for her but this did not set her back after she recovered she went straight back to work. But again on her birthday she spent the night in the hospital because of a heart attack. She even had to have surgery. Because of her heart having irregular heart beats. When he doctor came over to look at her he was surprised she was doing great. One day in mass she rose up from her bad and had service but even though she was in a uncomfortable position she still sat through it all. One day when Mother Teresa could not go to sleep she asked for on of the 10 original sisters to come with her to bed. And on the bed the sister stayed with her until the one of the greatest person in the world gave her last words” I cant breath” and she died.

When the world heard of what happen ton Mother Teresa everyone was heart stricken they even held a live funeral on TV for a whole day all TV shows were cancelled. The whole world mourned Mother Teresa. The TVs couldn’t show the part where they buried her but even after her death she still got an award. The 10 original sisters wanted to make other Mother Teresa a saint but the Vatican said that it took years even after the death of the known saint to become a saint . Mother Teresa as the book says truly lived o life of love.