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Being a mother is not easy. Mothers are a very important part of infant/children’s lives and are usually the primary nurturers. Some mothers choose to stay home with their babies because they can afford to or do not care about finances, because to them their child is more important. Unfortunately, most mothers do not have the option to stay home anymore when it comes to finances, although there is a considerable amount of love and importance, and want to stay home. Whatever the reason for a mother to stay home or choose to work, I have information on why maternal employment has negative affects on infant development.

According to Kyle Spencer (2006), an infant thrives on a lot of one-on-one care. When it comes to a mother working full time and sometimes part time, babies do not receive the mommy time they need because mom is usually wore out from the day.

Quality time for an infant is very important, that is what bonding and nurturing is. Cramming in time for an infant after work can be hard enough, but when a baby gets sick, cramming time can be beneficial.

The effect of maternal employment on an infant’s development has been a controversy. Youngblade (1999) found that several years ago, the issue of mothers working was hardly ever, if it was discussed. After the 50s, it seemed like mothers were becoming more independent. By the 60s, women were managing being a mother, a homemaker, and working to pay bills (p. xi preface). However, before the 50s, divorce was hardly heard of and now days divorce is becoming a trend, or at least it seems. Since there has been more and more woman with children and no significant other, most mothers have to work to raise their infants to give them...