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Instinct is defined as "An inborn pattern of behavior that is characteristic of a species and is often a response to specific environmental stimuli, a powerful motivation or impulse." (Free Dictionary). The application of Instinct in the modern workplace can and cannot be appropriate to a number of conditions for various reasons. Through history, motivational grand theories that attempted to define a sense of understanding into the complicated environment involving human motivation are regularly insufficient when engaging into the fine points of human behavior. However, these grand theories have established a strong influence and basis for which modern motivational concepts can be established today. According to Alic regarding William McDougal's theory of instincts and motivation, "instincts became "propensities" and he argued that the purpose of an instinct was to move one toward a goal. He called this "purposive" or "hormic" psychology." McDougall regarded instincts as irrational and compelling motivational forces.

He identified particular instincts, each of which was accompanied by an emotion.

Early on in my career as a young management supervisor in a Fortune 100 company, prior to educational workplace training, using basic instincts to make decisions was encouraged by upper management. One reason this was encouraged was to developing in the field management people the ability to make quick decisions based on right and wrong and to reinforce the process of thinking on the go. As the workplace changed and management became more educated, there was a need for making sound, fact based decisions in line with strategic objectives.

The workplace setting the last 20 years confirmed to be a leading area of importance to studying human motivation. Over the past 20 years, technology advancements have resulted in an increase of both speed and quality of communication as it relates to motivational forums. As a result, up to...