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Mumbai slums

Mumbai ranked 14 th in the world with a population of nearly 16,910,000 and ranked 13 th as a megacity but most people don't know that it is ranked 6 th for one of the biggest slums in the world.

In this report I will be telling you some challenges that the people of Mumbai are facing and what could be the last of what these people will be facing in the future.

Firstly, one of the biggest challenge people in Mumbai slum s are facing is the overcrowding of people as many as 18,000 people crowded into a single acre. Furthermore, the houses there are built with cheap, recycled bad quality materials. There is no clean water there so they would have to go to a nearby stream or well but sometimes there is no water there either. People are so poor that they start stealing things from other people which could lead to fights and conflict. Secondly, many people in the slums face a challenge of poor sanitation and limited health care can lead to the spread of disease for example pneumonia. Not only that these disease can spread from one place to another due to the space from one house to another. In addition to this the rich may also get theses disease as most of the slums in Mumb ai are in the centre.

This image shows the difference in the urban world to the rural world in Mumbai

Thirdly, the infrastructure of the people who live in the slums is very poor, public transport is limited and connections to the electricity supply can be limited and sometimes dangerous not only that services that the rich get is less than what the poor get for example health care. Further more people don't have...