The Murder of Emmit Till

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The Murder of Emmett Till

Response Question: How does the director use the techniques of documentary filmmaking to get a sympathetic response from the audience?

In all documentary films the Director uses certain techniques to get a particular response. This is the case in the documentary 'the murder of Emmett till' where the Directors use techniques of film making to get a sympathetic response from the audience. For the director to get a sympathetic response from the audience they have to persuade the audience and make them feel like they are going to cry or make them feel uneasy and upset. To get this response the director will use persuasive techniques such as the narration, voiceover, the frequent use of interviews, and accurate historical footage.

The murder of Emmitt Till is a very sad story and when watched it really makes the audience think about what the Till family went through.

Emmitt was brutally murdered by two white men Roy Bryant and J.W Milam after Emmitt allegedly whistled at a white woman. This response is experienced because the director uses very powerful techniques throughout the documentary. The techniques that are used throughout the documentary are frequent use of interviews, narration and voiceover, accurate historical footage and music.

The first technique that is used in the documentary is the frequent use of interviews. This particular technique is very important to getting a sympathetic response from the audience because it gives us a personal inside to the all affected people's feelings about the murder of Emmitt Till and it is for this reason why it is used a lot in the documentary. The director used interviews throughout the whole film but not just anywhere but where he used them made the audience very sad and sympathetic. The interviews that were used were...