Music And Its Effects

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The following paper will discuss the effects of music on ones health, influence, and his spiritual convictions. Such as, listening to music may benefit ones health in both good and bad ways. As well as music benefiting ones education, mood, and speech. Music is very capable of convicting a lost soul, renewing ones salvation, or being helpful in spiritual growth.         Some people believe that listening to music is a way of reducing stress. In this theory, a group of forty patients, who were going to have cataract removal, were divided into two groups, each containing twenty patients. These groups were called the music group and the non-music group. The blood pressure and heart rate was taken one week before, on the day of, just before, during, and after surgery. Immediately before surgery, each group had their heart rat and blood pressure checked. Once the music group received their headphones, their blood pressure and heart rate slowly faded back to normal.

The non-music group experienced higher than normal blood pressure and heart rate before, during and after surgery. Immediately after surgery, the music group had a much lower blood pressure and heart rate compared to the non-music group. The music group also reported less stress than before surgery. All types of music are capable of reducing heart rate, blood pressure, and controlling stress. The researchers who performed these tests believe that when a person is allowed to choose his music he becomes more relaxed.

1 2 On the other hand, suicide and depression also seem to be a result of listening to certain kinds of music. Is contemporary rock music just as bad as heavy metal? Two people die from listening to contemporary rock music. Slowly playing the unknown artist's music backwards hidden messages telling them to commit suicide were discovered. The artist,