Music; What's all the hype? Mucis does not influence teens. This is a persuasive essay.

Essay by samw_179 June 2004

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Lately there has been a lot of attention to the theory that certain kinds of music are bad influences, particularly focusing on heavier rock like Marilyn Manson, and even going so far as to blame him for the Columbine shootings. Researchers and parents say that this music has a negative effect on their children. I do not agree with this argument and in the remainder of this article, I will argue as to why I think what I do.

        I believe that what you are feeling, your mood, influences your choice in music at that particular time. If I am happy, I most likely will not be listening to heavy rock with screaming angry lyrics. I will be listening to some catchy tune with an upbeat feel to it. On the contrary, if I am sad, I find myself listening to Dashboard Confessional. If I'm Angry at my parents or I feel lost and confused, like nothing is going right for me and never will? Well then, now I am probably listening to heavy music with angry, negative lyrics, because I feel I can relate to it and I'm not alone.


Many parents do not know what is going on in their teenager's lives. They ask them how school went, and they get the same answer "fine" or "ok". So every so often, when a tragedy happens like a teenage suicide, why would the parents want to put any of the blame on themselves? Why not blame the media, an untouchable force, for who can say who and what the media really covers?

Dealing with suicidal thoughts is a reality for many teens. People seem to think that music like Korn, Marylyn Manson, and Nine Inch Nails affect them negatively, therefore causing these feeling. Here are some lyrics from...