How My Bum Got Black And Blue

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How My Bum Got Black and Blue Eugene Pak Ms. Klein Period 1 9/18/01         I couldn¡®t wait, it was my first time snowboarding! I went with the school with all the other kids. I felt bad for some of the kids that had to stay back because they forgot to get a parent signature but I was also about to poo my pants because I was so excited about going. When we got to the lodge some guy hopped on the bus and talked to us for a while about the times we were supposed to be back and the boundaries and that kind of stuff. I didn¡¯t really listen to him because the teachers already lectured us at school for about an hour. I hate listening to thing more than once, it makes me want to yell or something.

        We finally got off the bus and went to go rent the snowboards. The renting process went fairly fast.

A person asked me my height and shoe size. Once I had all my stuff ready I went out with my group to the Bunny Hill. I hope you can judge by the name that it is, how should I put it, embarrassing.

        I hiked up the Bunny Hill, no I shouldn¡¯t say hiked I should say strolled up the hill to where we were meeting. I hated being on the hill even though I was on with some of my friends. My instructor was this really hot chick so it made the situation even worse. Most of my friends already knew how to snowboard or ski because there parents were cool about them going but my parents are a different story. We started the lesson by learning how to buckle up the boots to the board. This was a synch, I defiantly got an ¡°A¡± in this category. We got up and started to go down the hill. I fell down so many times it wasn¡¯t funny. I was lucky though, it had just snowed the previous day so I wasn¡¯t breaking my tail bone. I learned to stop and turn comfortably that day. I also learned to go up this one trolley thing that you had to use to get up the hill if you wanted to get to the top of the Bunny Hill without strolling witch took a long time. Once the lessons were over I practiced until I thought that I thought that I mastered the Bunny Hill then went in for lunch.

        I went into the cafeteria and saw one of my good friends Aaron so I went over and waited in line with him. I didn¡¯t know what to get so I just got a regular hamburger. I was surprised at how much the food was though. After we were done eating Aaron took me up took Hooter. Hooter is the next hill that your supposed to go on. I was kind of scarred because it was big, much bigger than the puny Bunny Hill.

        We went on the chairlift and I was getting really scared because the chairlift was swaying a lot. As I got used to it I realized that I didn¡¯t know how to get off the chairlift. I asked Aaron but he just said to turn sideways and get off. ¡°Wow that didn¡¯t help me at all,¡± I thought to my self. When it came to get off I turned my board and pushed off but I guess my board got caught or something and I tripped in front of the runway that you were supposed to go down. Aaron was right behind me so he fell on top of me. We had to get off the runway as fast as we could because we were about to start a traffic jam. I was so red, partly from the cold but mostly from the clumsy fall I had taken. Once I regained my composure I looked at what I was about to go down. I was so scared, my legs were literally shaking. Aaron told me that it was ok and that it isn¡¯t as bad as it looks. I have to give him credit for trying to calm me down but it wasn¡¯t working at all.

        I would go for about 100 yards and then stop because I was going to fast for me. Aaron was very patient and waited for me. I got down most of the hill but Aaron told me that I had to bomb the rest of the hill if I wanted to make it to the chairlift without taking off my board. I didn¡¯t even think about it because I knew that I was going to have to do it so I got up and started to go strait down. I was going really fast but I wasn¡¯t feeling fear, I loved going down, it was an adrenaline rush. Once I got down to the chairlift I went back to the lobby and mingled there for a while, bragging that I went on Hooter.

        Soon after I went back on Hooter and boarded around a couple more times, each time taking a new route down. I was sad to leave because I wanted to try a jump but I couldn¡¯t because I was hurting and exhausted out of my mind. I don¡¯t even want to talk about what I felt when I went of Ptarmigan (the top) the next day. I will always remember my first day of snowboarding as a beautiful sunny day in Juneau hanging out with my friends and these kinds of memories are what you live for.