My Childhood

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There once was a man by the name of Michael. He was a supportive husband and a great father until he started drinking. I had some good times and some bad when my father was still alive. It was December 15th, 1979 when my wonderful father took me to see Santa Clause at the mall. We had such a wonderful time. We took pictures together and he bought me this doll that had red pigtails and she had the prettiest dress on. He told me that this is what I look like when I get all dressed up. My father would take me to see the Easter Bunny when he came to town. He even took me to McDonalds to see Ronald McDonald. I was so happy when I was a kid. My father told me that I was "Daddy's little girl and never forget that he loves me." My father treated me like I was a princess.

He bought me a beautiful white pony with blue eyes and light blonde hair. I named her Mystic and he taught me how to ride her and how to take good care of her. I would wake up everyday at 7 am just to take care of Mystic. I had so much fun. When I was about 4 years old, my father bought me a beautiful brown and white English springer spaniel puppy and I named her Dookie. Dookie would sleep with me every night and she would wake me up in the morning so she can play. Dookie was my best friend. We would go feed Mystic together and I would chase Dookie around the yard while I was riding Mystic. My father would sit outside and watch me for hours telling me to go slow and be careful.

About 2...