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Heather Innes


Lesson 3, Essay 1

Through my socialization process, I've learned to always use my manners with 'please' and 'thank you', not to chew with my mouth open, dress nicely for church, be honest, do not break rules or laws, always offer your chair to and be respective of the elderly and lastly, to be generous to those who have less than you. I feel that my childhood education coming from a religious environment had a role in some of the folkways and mores I learned throughout my upbringing. I learned proper behavior and was disciplined strictly; different than the children who attended public schooling. Through this, I believe that I learned how to be socially responsible and respective of those around me.

Although I was raised in a fairly positive environment, thus, learning many folkways and mores, as I grew older I wondered what it was like to test the limits of some folkways and mores by disobeying my parents, experimenting with drugs and alcohol, sneaking out of my parents' homes late at night, having sex prior to being wed, and thus, breaking the Ten Commandments which had such emphasis in my home and educational settings.

I started to realize that not complying with the social behaviors I was taught and raised with had its consequences. Soon, my parents would find out I had experimented with underage drinking, premarital sex, sneaking out and lying to them. Through this learning process, my parents and mentors assisted me in again, gaining an understanding as to our social responsibilities and why we are taught all of these norms as children.

In raising my son, I am not implementing religious mores as they were in my upbringing. I have grown away from the religious aspect of life in the...