My first time experiencing bicycle

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My first time experiencing bicycle

                                        After a very meaningful conversation with my dad about the

old days, we came up with an object that we both remember

cleary. It was my very first biclycle. My mind told me that I

got it when I was only eight but my mom insisted that I was

seven when I got it. Either of us had a proof, and so we

desided that when I got it was not important.

                                        My dad put together all the small pieces of the bicycle.

From a butiful material that he called, 'Your own car.' Of

course I knew that he had some magical ability, but I didn't

think he could make such an awsome object. He added the seat

and the pedals. Last so that I would not have any problems.

                                        My dad recalled that the bicycle was the smallest he could

find. I remember how gigantic it was. I was so afraid of it

and there was no way that I was going to control that monster-

sized material. The bicycle remained in my backyard as a

decoration for a month because I refused to ride it. Honestly,

I was scared to try it.

                                        After a month, my dad gave me a lecture to teach me what

being a man was all about. I was finally determined to try it.

My dad was proud of me and I felt very manly. He and I went to

the park to see what we could do there.

                                        The park was empty when we arrived. I had no dought that

my dad told everybody not to be there because we had to use it.

I felt badly for...