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Matt Lescovensky

Prof Carlson


9 October 2014

E6: Personal Statement

Pursuit of Music

I have never been so focused on choosing a career for myself. I've had hobbies and options that friends have told me would be a good fit, but I've never been interested or passionate about them. To get my fine arts credit over with, I began choir in my freshman year, but I had no idea I would continue. Being in choir, playing music with friends, and the high school music teachers I've had, have influenced my decision to pursue music as a career.

Before high school I was an athlete sports guy, but that all changed when I entered choir and fell in love with it. Mr. Wilemon, the assistant choir director told me, from the beginning, I had a natural talent, so I stuck with it and expanded my basic knowledge of music. As I progressed through high school I became more involved with all things choir, and now, as a senior, I am in three different choirs and music theory class.

Looking back, I could have never pictured myself as a music guy, but that all changed.

Sophomore year I met my best friend, Mason Bonham. He could play guitar and piano like a maniac, and he inspired me to learn how to play instruments. He told me I had a sharp ear and a knack for music, so I bought a guitar and we played almost every day during lunch. That year through playing piano and guitar I expanded my own music theory knowledge and grew my passion for music, and even played in front of a crowd at the talent show! That whole year I wished I had started at a younger age and realized my ability sooner because I'd love...