My Life as a Lilliputian: a creative story about a girl dreaming that she was 3 inches tall and went through an unforgetable adventure.

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One bright sunny morning, as I was about to wake up for school: I found myself lying on humongous pillow. My vision was still blurry and all I can see is an enormous hairy monster in front of me. Before I can scream, the monster had stick out its tongue and licked me. I got soaking wet and almost drowned in its drool. I am now fully awake and realized that the monster is my dog, Toby. I thought that I was dreaming, because Toby and everything else in my room was hundred times bigger than me. I closed my eyes and pinched myself hoping that by the time I opened my eyes, things would be back to its normal size.

I slowly peeked out at the corner of my eyes and saw everything still bigger than me. I was in disbelieved of what I saw and climb on the back of my dog to see myself in the mirror.

Holy cow! I am only three inches tall. I screamed at the top of my lungs for my mommy. No matter how many times I tried to scream, nobody can hear me from downstairs. I was still on my dog's back and told him to jump down from my bed. I held onto his hair as he made the jump. It felt like a roller coater ride; my stomach felt all funny.

He gave me a ride on his back and took me to the kitchen where my mom was washing the dishes and my sister was eating breakfast. The T.V. was on and my mom was watching the news from the sink. I tried to get her attention again by screaming, but the T.V. was too loud for her to hear. Even Toby tried to helped out by scratching...