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My major is Computer Engineering. This major focuses on studying the hardware and software system in electronics such as, televisions, automobiles, washing machines, and agricultural equipments.

        I chose this major because I am keen on computers and software. I have been using computer for six years. I use to fix gadgets in my house such as television, radios and videos games. I was trying to know each piece inside my computer and what it does. I thought that it is very difficult major, but my parents always encouraged me to study hard and keep going in the field of electronics. My father is always telling me that I am creative person and that is good for my major, because this major needs people who can create ways to fix and design new things. In the University my computer teacher depends on me to help students in the lab because I have good skills in computer.

I help student in learning computer skills for instance, using Microsoft windows, using Microsoft word, and designing a home page.

        In my opinion, computer engineering will play an important role in the future growth of the UAE. There will be many opportunities for me to play apart in this role, because I trained in a lot of computer companies and I have good experience and good certificates