My Personal Nursing Philosophy

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My personal nursing philosophy is geared toward caring. I personally believe that one cannot practice any kind of profession in the health care field without having a deep since of caring for their fellow human beings. Even as a little girl, I have always had a great respect for other people, most especially the older generation. I realize that everyone has fought their own personal battles in life and that we all deserve respect. I worked in a nursing home as a CNA for about two to two and half years and at the same time I helped my grandmother take care of my great-grandmother for four and half years. People use to tell me that working in a nursing home seemed like it would be a depressing job. I always thought of it as an opportunity instead of job. I realized while working there that not everyone cares about their patients and that caring should actually be a requirement for the job.

You never know what that patient has been through, but if your taking care of them; they’ve obviously been through something. My basic nursing philosophy is that I try to apply to everyone is that if I care about this patient, then I should do everything for this patient that I would do for my own family. If you care that much then everything else should fall into place, because I’m going to do everything in my power to see that they’re taken care of because I care.