My Prayer For America

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Dear God,                 My prayer for America is...         that we would have a renewal of a strong Christian government. I pray for God-fearing and God-loving men and women to fill the government. I pray that we can bring our government back to what it was before, when Your Word was accepted and not questioned, back to a place when You were our Guide.

        Lord, I pray for a time when people didn't have to worry so much about themselves or others being killed, when people had more sense than they do today, when they had better morals. I look at the world now and I think,"Is this what they want?" God, why can't they see what they are doing? Please don't let Your children be influenced, let us be more strong-willed than those who live in and rely on the world.

        I pray for every person in America that has been abused emotionally, mentally, and physically.

Lord, that You would comfort them. If all they feel is pain let them know that You love them, regardless of what happens, or what they say or do.

        I pray for the non-believers, God, You show them so much mercy. They have a freedom that many people die for everyday, they have the freedom to worship You. But I know that there will be a time when You will have no mercy on those who have turned from You. I pray for those who have not had a chance and don't know You, Lord. If they only knew what a loving and caring God You are. I pray for them, give them a way to know You and see Your kindness.

        I pray for those who make repartees to Your children for what they believe in or how they act. I pray for a time in America when all Christians can boldly come forth and fully serve You. Lord, help us not to get discouraged easily that we may keep serving You and doing Your will. In Your name I pray, Amen.