"On My September 11th..."

Essay by sarcasticHigh School, 12th gradeA-, April 2002

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On September 11, 2001 perhaps one of the biggest terrorist attacks was taken upon the United States. A day that started as a routine morning for me, ended as a day that I will never forget. Schools were dismissed early, and watching everyone scramble around made me more confused and frightened. I remember thinking to myself that this would be a day that I would never forget, as I watched the television and saw a high-jacked airplane crash into the World trade Center and explode. It was about eleven in the afternoon when I told myself that I would never forget this day.

I had hundreds of questions flowing through my mind. The news broadcast played it over and over again. Each time I wondered how could this be happening? Who would be capable of such a cruel and heartless act? More so I questioned why?

It was everywhere, airplanes highjacked and crashed in to towers one and two of the World trade Center.

There was another plane crashed into the Pentagon. There was so much happening, so much to be consumed by my mind and I felt like my brain was racing. It was on every channel on the television, it was all over the radio. It felt like I was trapped in a movie scene.

My life has not changed, but I do feel different. Everything takes its toll on you as a person. Coming to school or just going out, I couldn't help but wonder if something else would happen, or where it would happen next. Was my family safe, would it happen again? I remember being in a state of serious discomfort. I suppose it was the knowledge that something like this could happen to the United States. There is so much talk of America united...