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Development Plan

To be a potential young adult, I am always keeping myself updated. The purpose of entering the tertiary education is to accumulate my knowledge and skills. Basically, I have the opportunity to learn the common skills which are available in my Bachelor of degree, Business Management course. The common skills involve communication, critical thinking, writing, leadership & teamwork, and multitasking. (Phoenix, 2012) Hence, these common skills currently I have very essential for the job I am going to apply in the future, which are company secretary.

Nowadays, every company need a secretary as well as they should play a pro-active and central role. A good secretary should be excellent in communication skills and familiar with the company's business and applicable regulation. (Montegodata, 2012) According to the survey, secretaries will be the one who report everything from the department of human resource to accounting. (Business news, 2012) Therefore, secretaries such as the magician and miracle staff, which are highly demanded in the company.

To gain promoted in an international company as I dream, I will need to obtain a bachelor degree as a minimum requirement. As I mentioned earlier, I am studying the bachelor degree in business management course, which is University Gloucestershire (UOG) dual collaboration with New Era University College. I realize that this program really valuable and helpful in my future personal development plan to assist me attain the career goals with more ease. In addition, I will attend some useful classes such as English and computer classes on the weekend to fortify my values and broaden my horizon.

There are many ways of getting into a company for a secretary position. Firstly, I can enter the company by the high school certification although higher education will be the additional consideration for an employer. Other than...