My trip to dicovery cove a dream come true

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The ocean and what kinds of creatures inhabit it have always fascinated me, especially the marine mammals like the dolphins and whales. I had always wanted to ride and play with a whale or dolphin, but most of all, work in a place where I could train and study the marine mammals. Last summer one of my dreams came true.

        We had already made plane reservations months in advance to go to Florida. It was my mom, my grandma, and me going on this trip. We were going down south to Stuart, Florida, to see my cousin David graduate from high school. More importantly, we needed a vacation. My mom and I also decided we would need a separate vacation from our family, so we decided to make reservations at Discovery Cove near Sea World.

        The morning of the trip had finally come. And, like most trips we go on the morning of the trip was crazy.

I was trying to get everything all packed up and into the car, including my mother and my grandma. Finally, about two hours before we needed to be at the airport, I was able to get all of us out the door and on our way.

        Finding a parking spot at the airport is always fun. We drove around about twice and finally found one close to where the airport bus comes to pick you up. We got off the crowded bus at the US Airways ticket office; we checked our bags in and got ourselves checked in, so the worry of getting there on time was now over.

        About an hour later, we were able to board the plane. It was kind of strange since this was the first time I had gotten on a plane since the plane crash...