Mysterious Troubles

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"Ew, that's disgusting!" Amy Taylor screeched as a spider spat venom at her from inside a display. "Why did we have to come to this insect exhibit anyway?"

"Because we have to find out about the different kinds of species for our science test in two weeks" I answered.

"Not only that Josh, but we also have to find out why insects are so fascinating to the world," Andrew Marshall added. Amy and I both looked at each other.

"I guess I've already failed then," I groaned.

"Join the club" Amy whimpered.

"Hey look at that insect!" Andrew screeched in a high pitched voice as he ran up to a display that held a funny looking bug. A long slithery insect from inside the display case was jumping about. Andrew sounds like that when he gets excited. We don't know why, he just does.

"This place is giving me the creeps!" Amy Shivered.

Amy wore a dark blue tee shirt over gray track pants. She nervously twirled a braid of her light blonde hair between her fingers. "When are we going?"

"In twenty minutes." A tall masculine man stood over her.

"Whoa!" Amy screamed as she fell over.

"Who do you think you are giving people a fright like that," She said as she stood back up.

"Oh, sorry there," the man laughed. "Didn't mean to."

"Oh, err" Amy stammered. "I didn't know it was you, Mr. Downs.

"That's ok. I wasn't trying to scare you," Mr. Downs laughed once again "I just came over here to see if you were doing what you are meant to be doing.

"Oh of course," I smiled. "We all ways do what you tell us to do."

"That's good to know" Mr. Downs replied.

"Well I hope that all three of you have...