The Myth of Adulthood

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The phenomenon of growing up doesn’t have to happen when you are thirteen. You don’t have to be eighteen and be fully grown up. It occurs when a person is ready to mature mentally. What does growing up mean? It’s not your bones growing; it’s your mind altering and developing. There are so many stages that everyone must go through to become an “adult”. Few people complete these steps by experiencing life and on the other hand some never do. All of us need to discover adulthood in one way or another. My sudden exposure to adulthood was caused by facing reality and confronting the consequences of my immoral and criminal behavior.

        Growing up is hard and challenging. There are many obstacles on your path to adulthood. Family and friends try to influence you or give you some sort of motivation leading you to the right path. As I was growing up, all through my teenage years even till now, I have always had both of my parents to look after me and have always been there for me.

I was raised to be a respectful, religious and grateful person but one thing that was neglected in my teenage years was discipline. If every time I did something terribly wrong, I was physically punished or grounded, I would of never had to face what I am about to tell you. I had always been sleek when it came to stealing and taking stuff from stores. When I was eighteen I stole more than five thousands dollars worth of goods from the department store that I worked at and never got caught. I stole goods from here and there, I felt like I was untouchable, but one night the unexpected became reality. As my friend and I were walking out from...