The Myth Of Martha

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The Myth of Martha         We as Americans all have things that are special that bond us together. For example, our holidays are times of joy, togetherness, giving and sharing. We forget about family tensions, set aside our differences and celebrate life. This happens on specific days where nearly all Americans are doing a similar thing at a similar time. Where do we learn to make these holidays special? How do we know that Christmas trees, ornaments and thanksgiving place settings are special? We learn it. From the day we are born, we are bombarded with things such as media, family values and are influenced by everything around us. And somehow, even in our hectic schedule, we are still able to embrace our traditions. Marha Stewart helps form the bond of American culture.

        Martha Stewart is the perfect example of "The American Character". She holds the values to which America clings desperately to. Martha is what America wishes we had time for.

While we are all too busy to do anything except work, sleep and sometimes eat, Martha is making place personalized settings for everyone at the Christmas dinner.

America looks at Martha Stewart's magazine, Living, and feels happy. It's so vibrant and colorful and full of happiness and seasonal cheer. Flipping through a Martha magazine, one can find so many things to do in one's "spare time". They are all beautiful, seemingly easy, and meaningful crafts. While there's probably no way that we could ever have time to carve a pumpkin for each of our trick or treaters, we'd like to think we could. We need to think we could. According to Emily Liebert of Yale Herald online "... none of us has any spare time. Martha allows us to live vicariously. She gives us the opportunity to forget our harried lives and imagine that we live in as leisurely a manner as she and her homemaker models do...