Narrative Essay: When School was Completely Boring and Irrelevant

Essay by BlackTearsHigh School, 12th grade May 2006

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I have loved school most of my life. I wanted to go as soon as my mom would let me, so I started pre-school at three years old. My parents are in the military, so I have attended many schools in many states. If there was ever a time I thought school was totally boring and irrelevant, it was after I went to school at home.

I went to pre-school through second grade in Alaska. I had lots of fun and lots of friends. I loved going to school both for the social and learning environment. When I was in the third grade we moved to Colorado. The schools in Colorado are some of the best in the nation. I went to an Edison Project school. They taught foreign languages, music, and had year round school. They also issued computers to all students for home use! We had both online homework and group projects.

I went to this school for two years. They were the best years to date.

When we moved from Colorado, we went back to Alaska. I wasn't happy about leaving such a good school, but I was happy to go back to my friends. We lived in the same area of Anchorage, so I went to school with some of the same friends I had gone to elementary school with. I was a bit bored because the school in Colorado was very fast paced and I was a few months ahead. I was selected to be in the gifted program again so I found challenge in that program. I was still on a high for school, because it didn't get any better than going to school with friends and loving the challenge of school. I got to do some really cool things like debate club, cheerleading,