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The values of the Puritans are easily reflected in the story, A Narrative of Her Captivity. In this story, Indians take the main character, Mary Rowlandson, captive from her village. This story depicts the hardships and struggles she went through while remaining captive.

The Puritans loved their God and felt he controlled everything. This is closely depicted in this story when, even though Mary was being held captive and was being forced to hike; she felt that God was with her keeping up her spirits and helping her along the way. She did not question whether her God loved her or was punishing her, but rather felt that he made this happen and was helping her along the way because he loved her. She also felt that the Lord renewed her strength, especially after she had hurt herself riding horseback part of the way. In this story, Mary's daughter dies, instead of being heartbroken and weeping, Mary feels that God has taken the child for a reason, and finds rejoice in that God shows love for her in answers her prayers afterward her daughter's death.

Mary Rowlandson, illustrates how deeply religious Puritans were. On the way, Mary also encounters the chance of inheriting a Bible, in which she only found as the work of God. Mary, like many other Puritans, was also industrious and self-reliant. While in captivity, Mary knitted and sold her pieces to the Indians, in which she received pay for. At the end of the story, Mary thanks God for helping her through the way. She doesn't disgrace God or feel that he is punishing her, but feels the admiration and goodness of God's powers upon her for helping her through her hardships. In the story, A Narrative of Her Captivity, the main character, Mary, is the...