This is a narrative written about my experiences on breaking my leg. This story ends with a moral and explains my experiences.

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Birthday Bash

Mike, my friend, always had the most superb birthday parties. Mike's dad was a beta tester for Nintendo, therefore allowing Mike to always have the best and newest video games. Also, Mike had a gigantic house and an enormous backyard. His house was the perfect environment for hide and seek, because it offered numerous excellent hiding places. His backyard had sufficient amount of area to allow the kids to play soccer and football. He, also, had his own jungle gym. It had a plastic slide, which was very fast, monkey bars, a sand pit and a lookout post. Mike had all these fantastic toys and he was a nice guy, allowed him to have the most amazing birthday parties.

Every advantage has a disadvantage. The disadvantage to Mike's birthday parties was his next-door neighbors child James. James was the most spoiled kid in the world. He got anything he wanted and all the parents thought he was a model child and Mike's parent forced his to invite James every year.

Every year, he did something to ruin Mike's party because he despised Mike. Last year, he broke Mike's computer by putting a virus on it. The year before that, he "accidentally" spilt coke all over Mike's Nintendo and his video game cartridges. And the year before that, he stepped on Mike's birthday cake. Today was my unlucky day.

Today was a day in my life that I would never forget. It was Mike's birthday; he was turning 6. We had bought him a neuf gun for his present. As usual, James was there. I went to go play on the jungle gym, because almost everybody went outside. James and some other kids were already playing the jungle gym. I wanted to use the slide so I walked over...