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        In the first section of Sadker's chapter entitles the History of American Education, he discusses the major historical events, which have occurred as American's education system has developed and progressed. He begins with the colonial period, a time where the study of religion was the strongly practiced and encouraged, and the education began to spread. Schools quickly formed and New England encouraged the teachings of reading and writing to citizens and the availability of grammar school for young children.

He goes on to discuss the later educators roles in the shaping of education. In the sixteenth and seventeenth century the church had a great effect on the lives of all people and mainly the church was the grand educator. Strong intellects, such as Thomas Jefferson aided in breaking away from such narrow-minded teaching of the church. He broadened the education system by allowing more then just the upper class white males to be educated and provided more then just religion instruction.

Benjamin Franklin contributed by creating the Academy. A school which was dedicated in teaching different forms of mathematic and science and ultimately free of religion.

Sadker concludes this section with a discussion about the American Constitution and the absence of education expressed in each of the amendments. Yet, through the amendments education has been altered. For example, the first amendment helped to separate church from state, which also helped to separate education from teaching of the church.

Massachuetts School Laws         This reading focuses on two Massachusetts school laws on written in 1642 and the other in 1647. The law created first deals with the neglect of many parents in teaching their children which may be "profitable to the commonwealth." The law states that parents and masters can be sufficiently punished for any neglect of this law from that date...