The Necklace

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To me, this story was suspenseful. At the begging of the book, I kept thinking that Loisel was going to get everything she wanted, and everything was going to turn out just right for her and not her husband. At first, I didn't like Loisel too much because to me, it seemed that she was not happy with what she had at all. It was like, she just wanted more and more. I was really shocked when she lost the necklace. For a while, I thought that she hid the necklace somewhere and was not going to return it to her friend after the ball. Maybe not turn it in because they were not a very wealthy family to begin with. I definitely got a different view on the story from the beginning towards the end of the story. I also got a different view on Loisel. The reason why I got a different view on Loisel is because, I thought at the beginning she was just a normal lady, and then towards the middle, when she was going to the ball, she seemed to be more snobby to me.

Like she just kept wanting more of everything. I guess you could say that the story had an ironic twist to it. The setting of the story was perfect, I believe. That's how it made me make my decision on how Loisel was going to act and everything. How she wanted to be perfect for the ball, and be better than everyone else. I really enjoyed the story though.