The Necklace

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Amber Murray                                                                         Murray 1 Helen Mendes ACPE 0091 30 September 2001 Fake Riches to Real Rags         Some people believe humans are designed with a specific state of mind. Though physical attributes may vary the results are the same. On the other hand sometimes people change their attitudes not in response to a persuasive communication but by convincing themselves a process of self-persuasion. Trust me it"˜s easier said then done.

To convince someone is workable, but to alter yourself is tricky. Mathilde"˜s fantasies change her from an envious person to a person who accepts her life; from a selfish person to a person with humility; and from a person whose daydreams control her life to a person who controls her own life. A complex character only supports such a theory. Guy de Maupassant translates everyday life hardships into abstract reality of ironic twists in "The Necklace".

        Mathildes lifestyle reflected envy. Having middle class status, apartment, a maid and a loving husband still did not satisfy Mathilde's hunger for entry into higher society.

A taste of a life of luxury was given yet clouded by a sudden sense of reality, which is shown by the actions displayed by Mathildes towards the shawl. Perception of a "Grim apartment with its drab walls, threadbare furniture and ugly curtains", is over looked by Mathilde when in fact envy causes her despair in her comfortable apartment.

Towards the end Mathilde learns to accept the attic flat to live in, and does all the heavy housework herself to save on domestic help. Also Mathilde"˜s encounter with Mrs. Forrestier just showed she was no longer envious but proud of her struggle.

        Definition of pride changed for Mathilde from beginning to end. Mathilde was materialistic or swallow placing the value of high society at top. Not telling her friend that she lost the necklace due to her lack in pride proved to...