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For a new startup accounting company, like Woodland Accounting, with a potential growth of 50% over the next five years there are several networking solutions. This proposal will introduce the most effective type of network to build including the topology, type of LAN network, hardware, and software to effectively meet the needs of the Woodland Accounting company. Since the company is located in only one building and on the floor, it would be most efficient and least costly to create a LAN network versus a WAN network. The best architecture to meet the needs of Woodland Accounting would be the 100Base-T, also called Faster Ethernet. 100Base-T has not only become the standardized networking architecture for LAN users, but it has also raised the ethernet limit from 10mbps to 100mbps. The topology that this type of network uses is a star wired bus design. This topology layout will connect client computers using CAT 5e cables to connect to a switching hub, which will be connected to others switches/hubs that are connected to another branch of client computers.

Theses switches/hubs will then be connected to a server and 2 printers each. This creates more storage space, printer capabilities and a more secure network.

The best layout for a small business would be for each employee to have their own work station which would be connected to a switch (hub) by Cat 5e cables that have RJ-45 connecters on each end. The switches would then be connected to a server and also to printers. The server acts as a storage facility, controls network activity and also ensures the security of software and hardware. The least costly and most effective workstation for each the company employee would be the Dell Precision 670, and the cost of $2202 each. It has an Intel Xeon Processor...